Digital Marketing and Copywriting Consultant Position                                                                                                                                                             "Rachelle Nones has been an invaluable asset to the functioning of my business. Rachelle's insights and technical skills have allowed me more productive time to speak with my clients. Tasks are performed on time and in a professional manner. Rachelle's suggestions as to ad copy and article writing are welcome additions that have made my Constant Contact marketing and social media efforts more productive."                                                                                                                                                                                           Owner, Franchise Innovations For You LLC, Long Island, New York



Who am I? 


I was the creative child who always colored outside of the lines.


My parents probably wondered: "Did the hospital switch our baby with a space alien's baby?"


Fast forward.


I'm the friend who observes the most "trivial" things--things that others fail to notice.


I'm the creative coworker who can transform a mundane event into a colorful and entertaining story. 


I'm the wordsmith whose brain is an idea-generating shop 24/7. I love what I do and it shows! 


Yep. I'm THAT person. 


I meet deadlines as efficiently as a casino's slot machine swallows coins. However, hiring me isn't as risky as gambling. You'll experience better odds of success and less frustration.


What's your story? 


Skills and Expertise 


  • Content marketing development, editing, writing, strategy, and management
  • Brainstorm and develop story ideas 
  • The ability to see the "Big Picture"
  • Copywriting across multiple channels/fields 
  • WordPress content management skills 
  • Interviewing and research expertise 
  • Experienced at meeting multiple project deadlines
  • Edit image and optimize images for SEO 
  • Create engaging infographics (Pictochart)


The greatest compliment I receive is a referral from a past or present client.

Thank you for trusting in my ability to help you reach your goals!