Who am I? 


I was the creative child who always colored outside of the lines.


My parents wondered: "Did the hospital switch our baby with a space alien's baby?"


Fast forward.


I'm a multimedia writer and editor. Throughout my career, I've excelled at writing and editing clean, concise, and engaging content and seductive benefits-focused copy on deadline. 


Yep. I'm THAT person. 


I make the complex seem simple and easy to understand.


I also meet deadlines as efficiently as a casino's slot machine swallows coins. But hiring me isn't as risky as gambling. You'll experience more success and far less frustration. 


I can't stop. I won't stop working with words. When I'm old and gray I will sit down and write a big, fat and juicy mystery novel. For now, I'm all yours. 


What's your story? 


What's on your creative wish list? I want to hear about your communication nightmares, creative victories, expectations, and grand schemes.