"...words are often as important as experience,                                  because words make experience last."                                                                           -- William Morris



Who am I? 


I was the creative child who always colored outside of the lines.


My parents probably wondered: "Did the hospital switch our baby with a space alien's baby?"


Fast forward.


I'm the friend who observes the most "trivial" things--things that others fail to notice.


I'm the coworker who can transform a mundane event into a colorful and entertaining story. 


I'm the wordsmith whose brain is an idea-generating shop 24/7.


Yep. I'm THAT person. 


I meet deadlines as efficiently as a casino's slot machine swallows coins. However, hiring me isn't as risky as gambling. You'll experience better odds of success and less frustration.


What's your story? 

Skills and Expertise 


  • Content development, editing, writing, strategy, and management
  • Brainstorm and develop story ideas 
  • The ability to see the "Big Picture"
  • Copywriting across multiple channels/fields 
  • WordPress content management skills 
  • Interviewing and research expertise 
  • Experienced at meeting multiple project deadlines
  • Edit image and optimize images for SEO 
  • Create engaging infographics (Pictochart)