The Best Dog Gifts Under $100


If you are seeking gifts that your doggo can play with, eat, or wear, there’s a good chance you’ll find it here. This diverse assortment of goodies—all priced under $100—features gifts ranging from practical and highly useful to luxurious and indulgent.


The roundup includes an awesome party hat, tasty mini cupcakes, and a dog bingo game.  I’ve hunted down the best doggie portable water bottle on the planet, a luxe dog jacket,  a mini concrete air plant planter for dog lovers,and an  eco-friendly waste bag dispenser.


The Dodo has also scored a special discount especially for you! Treat your dog to a vibrant Pop Art collar and leash set, using the special 20% discount code (exclusive to The Dodo) mentioned in this gift guide . 


Mini in Size—Goliath in Cuteness


Ever dog deserves delicious mini cupcakes from My Best Friend’s Bakery. When my dog’s cupcake order arrived, the cupcakes looked so delicious I was tempted to take a bite. My dog, who isn’t used to eating frosted cupcakes, gave them the side eye. Happily, after gobbling one down, she enjoyed the carob-fudge cupcake well enough to beg and sniff around for more. One order consists of a half dozen cupcakes—enough to feed a pack of hungry dogs at a doggie party or the local dog run.


Good Dogs Deserve Ruffwear


Ruffwear recently added the ingenious Overcoat Fuse™ Jacket to their product line and all I can say is “wow.”  The secure attached harness is a timesaving feature I appreciate and the jacket’s zippered pockets serve as a convenient place to store my housekeys and waste bags. The Overcoat Fuse™ Jacket is definitely a worthwhile splurge if you want to treat a special dog to a trim and elegant luxe winter jacket.  


Collars and Leashes That Pop


What dog can’t use a vibrant new collar and leash? Neptune and Co’s Pup Art Collar and Leash Set is the perfect gift for fashionable dogs who want to stand out in a pack. Neptune and Co. donates $1 from every purchase to dog rescue and animal welfare organizations. They are offering an exclusive discount, exclusively for The Dodo’s readers. Use code THEDODO20 to grab 20% off of your Pup Art Collar and Leash Set or any item on their website!


Dog Bingo for Humans!


If you’re searching for a fun game for one of your dog-loving friends, why not gift them with a doggone twist on Bingo—Dog Bingo! Dog Bingo is played exactly like classic Bingo except that every player’s Bingo board is filled with pictures of dogs. Included, is a booklet with descriptions of all of the dog breeds appearing in the game. Dog Bingo is fun for all ages and it’s an entertaining way to teach kids about different dog breeds.


Instagram Ready Accessories 


Are you looking for a fun dog gift but haven’t a clue on what to get? When in doubt, accessorize! The Frisco product line, created exclusively for, offers attention-grabbing accessories for special occasions.  For extra cuteness on birthdays, Frisco’s flamboyant Birthday Cake Dog Hat positively slays. The eye-catching hat looks adorable on purse pups and dogs of all sizes and makes any dog’s birthday extra special.


When Dogs and Plant Lovers Collide


If you are seeking a little “thinking of you” gift for someone who loves plants and dogs, then you must surf over to Dovekie & Finch!  Their dog mini concrete planter, features a charming dog-themed design that any dog lover will appreciate. It makes a great “thank you” gift to give to a dog walker, babysitter, tutor, hairdresser, or just about anyone who loves plants and dogs. You can order it with or without an air plant-- a plant that’s incredibly easy to maintain.


Parched Pup Thirst Relief


Believe it or not, it has taken me years to find a decent portable water bottle for my dog. Some water bottles leaked while others were messy or too big and bulky to take along on long walks or hikes. Enter the AutoDogMug® ! When I take it along on road trips, I am forever grateful that  the shut off valve prevents water from leaking all over the car. The AutoDogMug comes in a mini size that I love, and two larger sizes. If you want to get fancy, there’s also AutoDogMugPure, complete with a water filter. It’s a great gift for people who go camping or hiking with their dog.


Chic, Green, & Useful


Lil’ Archie's canvas dispensers are handmade in California and are stylish enough to make picking up dog poo a lot less mundane. Eco-friendly friends and relatives will appreciate receiving Lil' Archie's Eco Canvas Dispenser because  the compact canvas waste bags are crafted from 45% recycled content and their designs are printed with ecologically safe transfer sublimation inks. Every dispenser comes with one roll of Lil' Archie's compostable bags.