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Who am I?  


I currently work as a full-time remote writer and editor. Do I want to do anything else? No. I'm doing what I do best. The only ladder I plan on climbing isn't a corporate ladder. It's the ladder I'll be using to change a light bulb.


I love to play with words and I've been told that I'm really good at using language creatively. I've written or edited content in just about every medium there is: print, digital, online, and audio. 


My experience is lengthy, diverse, and impossible to contain in a single resume. I wrote a craft beer and spirits column for two years and once edited a lifestyle magazine. Over the years, I've interviewed top corporate executives and legendary musicians for various online publications, delved deeply into the lifestyle editorial field, and churned out targeted and carefully-crafted ecommerce email and website copy for satisified clients.


I've edited a diverse range of editorial content and marketing copy--ranging from blogs and feature articles to marketing media and website and ecommerce copy. I hold a degree in my field and various job-related certifications.


During the past four years, I've helped multiple clients resolve their writing and editing problems. Those substantial creative projects moved me out of my comfort zone. 


What's your company's story?

Let's connect to discuss how I can help you communicate it.


FYI, is a short list of temporary jobs I'd worked at before becoming a full-time writer:

  • Approved incoming color swatches for a textile manufacturer.
  • Created style and color trend presentation boards for Milliken & Company 
  • Performed administrative tasks for an NGO organization 
  • Proofread manuals and technical content for Gibbs & Cox.





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