Walk in the shoes of Samuel Lewis to discover what it’s like for an ex-felon to avoid the landmines that are thrown in his path when he attempts to reenter society after more than two decades in prison. Sam's crime? A murder that he committed as a teenager.


How does Sam navigate through the rocky road to employment? Does he give up and give in to the negative influences that once led him astray? Can an ex-con find meaningful employment after incarceration? The answers are only one podcast episode away.



During his younger years, Ed Holloman served in the United States Air Force and was honorably discharged in 1978. Since then, he’s met Clint Eastwood while working at the Biltmore Hotel, assisted on construction projects for Habitat for Humanity, and worked at more carpentry and security jobs than he can count. After retiring, Ed faced a challenging financial crisis that could have left him homeless—propelling him to return to school to secure the position he currently enjoys. Proving, once again, that you are never too old to reinvent yourself.